TOO MUCH SOURCE, by radio and TV presenter Swarzy Macaly, is an exhibition with online events to celebrate Black British creatives who are making history today.

This year’s exhibition is called Joy and Resilience in 2020 - a dedication to two attributes that remain central to the black experience. Swarzy heads straight to the source and invites all generations from the Black British community to tell their story through the lens of two questions: ‘How has 2020 made you stronger?’ and ‘Where has your joy come from this year?’

Alongside the online gallery, Swarzy is excited to bring the conversation to life through interviews and online events that champion a range of gifted individuals whose creativity is the 'sauce' running through culture today.

October 2020 marks the third year anniversary of Too Much Source and its desire to commemorate the significant contributions and spirit of Black people in the UK and beyond.

In what has been one of the most unpredictable and heavy years yet, the goal of Too Much Source remains the same: to shine a light on people who have a long history of thriving, despite adversity.

Swarzy is a radio presenter at KISS and hosts the Breakfast Show on Saturdays and Sundays from 8-11am. She is also the voice of BBC Sounds and presenter of 4Music's TV Show, The UK Music Video Chart.

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