Alysia Francis


Occupation: Marketing & PR Manager, DJ & Events Assistant

How has 2020 made you stronger?

This year I am learning to truly live in my own strength. I'd be lying if I said I knew what the end point is, or what that means in its truest form but the idea I have in my mind is about navigating all of the situations where I have built up my strength over the years and owning it, recognising that that power has ultimately prepared me for years to come. I've spent the most time alone and with my thoughts in 2020 so I think that in itself has been a form of mental exercise.

Where has your joy come from this year?

Being black, realising the effect of my own energy on others, waking up to sunshine over summer, being part of a family network, connecting with God, building on my vision of my home, cooking new recipes. I could go on with those small moments of joy!