Deborah Oso

Occupation: Aspiring Lawyer

How has 2020 made you stronger?

2020 has taught me to be resilient and to persevere in every season. I’m naturally not a 'give up' kind of person. I will always try to push through. But this year saw a new kind of strength in me. There were days where I would literally say ‘I’m tired’, ‘I can’t’, ‘I’m at my limit’. Those days would require me to dig deeper. That would mean sitting with God until something shifted in me, looking in the mirror and affirming myself or calling a dear friend to pray for me when I couldn’t find the strength that day.

I seriously injured my back in January. At one point I was unable to walk which was scary. I paid for Osteopathic treatments that I was told would help me but they didn't and things got worse. I couldn’t go to work, go for walks or exercise. It was extremely discouraging. I started going for physiotherapy and things were getting better. Then Covid hit and my physio sessions had to stop and I felt stuck. I so desperately wanted things to be normal. If I was going to be quarantined at home I at least wanted to be able to move around the house with ease. I couldn’t even do that. Things like standing in the shower were painful. But I pushed through. My physio gave me some exercises I could do at home which helped. I was reminded that this was just a season. I would be healed.

Where has your joy come from this year?

Honestly, my joy has come from God and the people he has placed around me. 2020 has really highlighted who my real friends are. Not the surface level friends, but good friends that will be in the trenches with me. God has showed up for me this year. Though I’m still praying for breakthrough in certain areas of my life, I can honestly say that He has provided for me. When it came to problems with my back, my amazing cousin in Atlanta- Georgia would FaceTime me and create workouts that I could do for my present condition. Things like this brought me so much joy.