God Bless Chennessy

Occupation: Founder, DJ, Creative Solutions Architect

How has 2020 made you stronger?

Like many others, I’m often haunted by the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”I’m a believer in getting stronger by the day, A believer in finding the strength in all things.I’m an admirer of refinement. There is a strength and beauty in maintaining your core self and principles. By going through one of the most challenging years of my life I witnessed myself transforming into a new realm of strength whilst being able to shed away the weaker layers of thought, weaker ways of saying, weaker ways of being and weaker ways of looking at the world. I’m a believer in a higher power and It’s will to make me stronger.

Where has your joy come from this year?

My joy has come and continues to come from watching someone I care deeply about, rebuild, repair, recover and heal - and that same Will work through them. I’m grateful to be involved in that process which in turn is transforming me also.