Nikki Adebiyi

Occupation: Founder and Chief Curator at Bounce Black

How has 2020 made you stronger?

2020 has challenged and stretched me in ways I didn’t expect. A muscle only strengthens after it is torn, then given time, space and nutrients, it heals and you make progress. That’s been my experience of 2020. The year isn’t over, but I’m definitely not the same person I was in January. Thankfully, this has been for better.

Where has your joy come from this year?

I’ve gained huge amounts of joy from pushing ahead to build a platform for Black people like me navigating mental health and trauma recovery while trying to build a career. In spite of the significant hurdles that have come my way, I’ve found the strength to take the first steps at building something that has the potential to help others. It makes me feel like my struggle wasn’t in vain, which helps me to stay focused on my mission.