Tania Porteous


Occupation: Teacher

How has 2020 made you stronger?

2020 has forced me to confront, address and embrace the uncomfortable truths that I have long been on my periphery; deep rooted anti-Blackness, a small lifetime of 'gaslighting' (second guessing, doubting, ignoring) and many other shocking realities. 2020 has triggered the most beautiful journey of my life - rooted in truth, unlearning and a commitment to liberation.

Where has your joy come from this year?

This year my joy has come from remarkable Black women and the work they have created despite the constraints of this time; Kelechi Okafor, Akilah S. Richards, the editors of and contributors to Black Ballad; the sisters that are the force behind Livity Cuisine. My joy has also come from witnessing my own growth, shifts and evolution - as well as having the honour of witnessing the tiny people in my care, Isa and Zora, experience the same. Finally, it would be remiss of me to neglect to mention Insecure and memes. Long live both.